This ensemble has all the thrill and excitement of a big band but on a smaller scale. The band has played at leading hotels and private clubs in Singapore as well as for FIDe Singapore Fashion Week. Our more high profile clients include:

BHP Billiton, Citibank, Mercedes-Benz,  Tiffany & Co. and UOB. I was called upon to write and arrange music for some of these events. The band can be extended from a 7 to a 10 piece band according to your needs.


The SmallBand is anything from a duo to a 5 piece band and is ideal for weddings, product launches and any event which has a more intimate setting. We can set a tone which is sophisticated, relaxed or just help your guests to have some fun! The band has performed at many prestigious events like Men's Fashion Week, Grand Masters of Expression as well as at many weddings and parties.

Other bands...

From time to time I get asked to put together a special band like the Tropic Nights Jazz Orchestra which is  a 50 piece jazz orchestra. So please do call me if you require something a little different.

Oompah Band

This 6 piece band has performed for many corporate events since their formation. They have played at Oktoberfest at Clarke Quay, NTUC Income, The Hollandse Club and Seletar Country Club. They are also a welcome sight for Marathon runners when they perform at strategic places on the route. The musicians are all well-known players in the world of brass music.